The most shiny objects, the coolest toys, the hippest activities: ask any child, and s/he is likely to tell you that they love magnets and batteries and motors and robots and generators! However, a common issue with these set of toys is that their functionality is often hidden behind, in some fancy component, some “black box” that we are unable to break open and decipher. Moreover, these “toys” also tend to be on the expensive side, preventing kids from breaking them open and tinkering with them. However, unless children do that, how are they expected to learn? 
In this, the first Theme in the Electricity and Magnetism Series, children will be building a whole host of activities from scratch, using raw, unprocessed materials for the most part. An odd cell or shiny magnet will definitely be a part of the materials, but their functionality will be revealed in how they are used. In this Theme, children will be introduced to the basics of electricity and circuits and also delve into the world of magnets!
Magnets are among the most fascinating things in nature. They are fun to play with, and play an important role in our day-to-day lives. Sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden, magnetism also happens to be one of the major reasons the Earth has life! It’s one of those topics that is fun for people of all ages and is also one of the most complicated scientific phenomena in the universe, which has intrigued scientists since ancient times. 
Making their own battery, followed by some circuits, children will understand how, why and where electricity flows. The world of magnets will be revealed through a series of TACtivities that will unveil their poles, play on their properties of attraction and repulsion and create fascinating dancing, levitating and jumping toys! Children will also learn how to magnetise and demagnetise certain materials.
Needless to say, this Theme for Summer Workshops is bound to keep children attracted and electrified well beyond the workshop days…