The very core of physics is to study the motion of things: objects, people, vehicles, celestial bodies, atoms, particles, you name it! The speed at which they move; in what direction; how these properties may be altered and changed; and what are the various principles and physical quantities that actually govern these characteristics of motion. It all comes down to one of the most fundamental of physical quantities: force. 

The word “force” has become synonymous with one man, Sir Isaac Newton, who, 400 years ago, defined and described force and almost all the fundamental laws that govern motion. Combining this with his theory of gravitation, he paved the way for modern science and society to scale new heights. In this theme, we will try and look at all aspects of his 3 laws of motion – along with gravity – through scintillating hands-on activities that will pique the child’s interest and put her/him on a path of exploration that is bound to be enjoyable and unstoppable. 

From making weighing instruments, to turbines and propellers and carts, we will attempt to delve deep into the concepts therein and bring Motion to Life through a series of specially created and curated hands-on TACtivities.