Platforms for Kids to Display Talents

Author – Shriya Agarwal

One thing we can all agree on, about kids, is that they are overflowing with creativity! Remember the Bournvita Quiz Contest back in the day? It was one of my favorite shows as a kid and I remember, in one audience round, whispering the answer to a question in my sister’s ear. I never summoned up the courage to raise my hand and answer it. And yes, the answer I whispered was the correct answer and someone else got a prize for giving it!

Another show that my siblings and I used to like, was Spell Bee. Looking back, I am amazed at how such platforms gave a wonderful opportunity for children to challenge their knowledge, learn from peers, explore, enjoy, and bring out the spark in them.

Hands-on Science Contest – RYSI

Today there is a plethora of opportunities for children to display their inherent, latent talent. One such opportunity to develop an interest in Science at a young age is the Raman Young Science Innovator (RYSI) Award,  which has been instituted by the Raman Research In Institute Trust and Innovation and Science Promotion Foundation (ISPF) and sponsored by ThinkTac. It is unique and the biggest hands-on science contest for children anywhere in the country.

Who can participate?

The RYSI Award is open to all children nationwide, studying in standards III to X, and aims to establish Science as fun, interesting, and something that can be explored anywhere with simple materials.

Hands-on Science

The Participants are expected to create hands-on science activities that demonstrate a principle in the selected topic; working models, toys or experiments that help demonstrate a scientific principle may be submitted. The children can register on the website and all the registrations and participation is totally Free!

What Happens in RYSI?

Each of the first two years has seen more than 10,000 children participate in the preliminary phase, where they submit an innovation online. This is then judged by the ISPF Team as well as a selected group of volunteers.

Science Awards

More than 100 children are shortlisted for the Live Finals, which happens annually at Sir C.V. Raman’s old home, Panchavati, in Bangalore. During the Finals, children are given a topic and a selection of materials, from which they have to make an impromptu innovation on-the-spot.

Senior researchers, scientists, and teachers from reputed institutions across Bangalore come to interact with the children and select the awardees!

What do the winners get?

On winning the event the child will be awarded cash prizes up to Rs. 20,000/- and a national award certificate, while all the participants are presented with a participating certificate.


Get Registering!

If you believe your child has the inquisitiveness, love for science and the creativity to win the RYSI Awards, register them now! From my Bournvita Quiz experience, I can confirm that if there’s one thing that your child will regret, it is the chances she or he didn’t take! So what are we waiting for? Let’s get them enrolled now!

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