Games That Boost Memory Skills & Cognitive Fitness

When you play games that boost your memory, fun and productivity are what follows!

Today we are all taking to working out physically to stay in the pink of fitness. But we tend to totally lose out on our deteriorating mental fitness. Cognitive health and memory sharpening require a fair amount of our attention.

Keep your blood clean, your body lean and your mind sharp!

Henry Rollins

To tame this stumbling block, we have compiled a list of games that will help enhance your mental functioning and boost your memory.
The best part of this is that it will feel less like an exercise and more like a recreational activity!

Here goes,

Strategy Video Games

These games don’t just improve your cognitive functioning but also help to increase your motor coordination. These are real-time science fiction games that allow the user to control the fate of the character that they use in the game.

Video games that boost memory

A study has found that playing strategy games like StarCraft can increase a player’s brain flexibility, which refers to the ability to allocate the brain’s resources under changing circumstances. Brain flexibility has often been referred to as the cornerstone of human intelligence.

Since these games also include new technologies and continually emerging features/ammunition, it also needs the player to discover the usage of these and remember the functions of every feature whilst being sharp enough to employ them when they are needed.

Examples- StarCraft, XCom Enemy Unknown, and Civilization

It’s a win-win. Better memory and game time. Perfect for teens, and for adults!

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Action Role Playing games

Video games that boost memory

These games require the user to be a first-person action executer- like shooting, driving and so on. What this ensures is that hand-eye coordination and motor skills are sharpened.

It also makes the mind work in close coordination with physical reflexes. These are also of multi-player type which could make it a group activity, thus boosting engagement levels of the user.

Additionally, expert action gamers who play first-person shooting games have observed a boost in their contrast sensitivity function, or the ability to discern subtle changes in the brightness of an image.

Contrast sensitivity is the first of the visual aptitudes to diminish over time, which results in the loss of the ability to pick out bright patches (which is key to tasks like driving at night).

Examples- Witcher, Diablo and Battlefield 4

These games again are suitable for everyone above the age of thirteen.

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