The 4 Silent Lessons our Mother’s Have Unknowingly Taught Us

Lessons from Mother

An Accolade to our #TimelessHeroes

Peng Liyuan, very famously said, “A child’s first teacher is its mother.”

Many things and many people in our lives have mattered to us and have affected us in some profound, meaningful, and permanent way. Regardless of this, however, there is one person in our lives who has done more than what anyone else has– Our Mothers.

It is a universal belief that our mother is the best one, and we can cite thousands of reasonable arguments behind our belief. It is invariably true that there are many wonderful mothers out there. They have nursed our scraped knees, shuttled us from school to after-school activities, and made sure the bills were paid.

Most importantly, many of us were lucky enough to benefit from the little slices of knowledge our moms shared with us that helped shape the people we are today. 

A mother undoubtedly plays the most vital role in our overall development.

The brain’s most fundamental task in life is survival and the need to seek love, and so each human is on a mission to be loved. Babies are born with an intense curiosity; a yearning to learn everything possible about themselves and the world around them. As a rule of nature, we learn so many lessons actively and passively from our mothers. It is these silent lessons that are intrinsically embedded in us-

Mother’s Silent Lesson #1

Perseverance and Discipline

Mothers are multitasking superheroes. They juggle through the various facets of their life and create the perfect balance. No one can teach a child the value of hard work as much as their mother can! The immense satisfaction and drive that our mothers get out of having the perfectly productive routine, is something we are impressed by and most of us try and adopt as a way of life.

Mother’s Silent Lesson #2

Prioritization and Patience

Mothers often center their world around ours. It is these unshakeable priorities to their people that makes them so special. They have a world of patience to listen and prioritize their kid over everything else. This commitment to a cause is what children tend to learn from their mothers. The investment of emotional and physical energy to your priority is a vital lesson to imbibe.

Mother’s Silent Lesson #3

Street Smartness

Irrespective of whether your mother is technically skilled or not, there is not a thing she can’t try her hand at. This is because mothers are adept at understanding the essence of each task. They are well verse with the ways of the world and though they shelter you from the ills of the world, they are the ones that prep you to face it headfirst. In ways we will never know, our mothers prepare us for life.

Mother’s Silent Lesson #4

Willingness to learn

No woman is born a mother; they learn to be one as they grow with their kids. They are constantly evolving and getting better at their game. This perpetual willingness to learn and adapt to circumstances becomes a way of life that surely inspires every kid. Alongside them, we too are willing to ask the right questions, and be the best versions of ourselves.

I once ran a 100m sprint in school. And as the race approached, I got cold feet. That is when my mom said to me, “Don’t look to see who’s beside you, and don’t look back to see who might be catching up. That will just slow you down. Run just as fast as you can toward the finish line!” 

I won many races using that strategy and learned that the advice also has many applications outside of the race track. This is just one of the million examples that are testament to the fact that mothers are truly our golden guarding angels. Her importance and significance in our life is superlative to all other possessions. 

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