X CBSE Science & Maths Case Study Preparation Programme

CBSE is moving towards Competency Based Education (CBE), an outcome based approach to schooling, where attainment of goals takes priority. Learning Outcomes (LOs) are defined in terms of competencies and capacities, which students acquire and demonstrate at the end of the instructional programme. Augmenting the thrust towards CBE, the Board has incorporated changes in the X board exams, which will now include 20% marks for Case-based/ Source-based integrated questions.

A case study is an in-depth, multi-faceted understanding of a complex issue in its real-life context. It is an established research and design process that is used extensively in a wide variety of disciplines.

What is Case based assessment?

Case based questions are normally based on real-life situations and are related to the concepts covered in the curriculum. The questions will be MCQs or objective type. Apart from sound conceptual knowledge, the child must develop the ability to collect, organise and process information provided in the case to do well.

Based on the allocation of marks, the four case study questions should be completed in 36 minutes. In addition, the single Assertion and Reasoning question should be completed in 7 minutes. It is essential that the child understands how to process the case and answers the questions within the time provided.

ThinkTac Case Study Preparation Programme – Science and Maths

The GOAL programme is designed to rapidly prepare children appearing for the X Board exams with the tools and practice to do well in the case based questions. The broad programme structure is described below:

  • GOAL technique to answer case based questions (Gather, Organise, Answer, Learn)
  • Deep understanding of the technique using experiential methods (1 science, 1 maths)
  • Live practice of 5 case questions (3 science, 2 maths)
  • Online practice of 13 case questions (6 science, 7 maths)

The above programme covering 20 case based questions requires a total of about 15 hours of which 10 hours will be live with our expert educators and 5-7 hours of assignments.

Key Features

  • Children will develop an effective technique to answer case based questions. This technique can be applied to all subjects
  • The programme assumes that the student is well versed with the underlying concepts that the cases will be based on
  • All content material will be provided in electronic form, accessible from the ThinkTac learning system
  • The assessment will be conducted online and results will be displayed immediately
  • Report with correct answers with explanation highlighting possible errors (student specific error report will be available for AY22)
  • Science based questions will be experiential and interested children can make and play with these hands-on activities as a break from their study (only household materials needed)
  • The programme will be completed in 2 weeks; average investment of 1 hour per day
  • The technique learnt in this programme can also be applied to all other subjects, each with 20% of the exam marks coming from case based questions

Programme Overview

The programme has four modules, details of which are below:

SL Module Description Webinar (Hrs) Assignment (Hrs) Schedule
Total Time Commitment (Hours) 10 5 14 days
1 Orientation Develop an understanding of the process and technique used to solve case based questions. An example question dissected. 1 0 Day 1 (Mon)
2 Learning Technique Understanding the case and answering ONE detailed case in science and math. Includes one session for discussing the case and another for dissecting the answers. 4 2 Day 2/4 & Day 6/8
(Day 3 & 5 for assignment)
3 Live Practice Practice answering FIVE case questions (3 science, 2 maths) online, followed by a discussion on the answers. 5 0 Day 9 - Day 13 (Sat)
4 More Practice Answer 13 case based questions (6 science and 7 maths) and get immediate feedback. Seek clarifications on WhatsApp / email. - 3 Self-paced practice


The process below provides an overview of how the programme works.

School Responsibilities

ThinkTac will take the lead role in the implementation of the programme. The following critical support is expected from the School:

  1. Student selection and onboarding – Name and a unique email id of the selected students will have to be provided in a spreadsheet to enable their onboarding.
  2. Teacher support – At least one teacher, preferably with a science or maths background to be assigned to mentor the children. Teachers will need to attend the programme together with the students. Teachers will also need to ensure reminders are given during regular classes on the upcoming session, providing session feedback etc.

Example Schedule (Batch Start date: 1st March)

SL Session Day, Date
1 Orientation Mon , 1 Mar
2 TTT Case 1 Science Tue , 2 Mar
3 Science Case 1 Dissection Thu , 4 Mar
4 TTT Case 1 Maths Sat , 6 Mar
5 Maths Case 1 Dissection Mon , 8 Mar
6 Live case & discussion - science case 2 Tue , 9 Mar
7 Live case & discussion - maths case 2 Wed , 10 Mar
8 Live case & discussion - science case 3 Thu , 11 Mar
9 Live case & discussion - maths case 3 Fri , 12 Mar
10 Live case & discussion - science case 4 Sat , 13 Mar

How much does it cost?

The programme covering both Science and Maths, including all the features described above, costs Rs. 700.


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