ThinkTac Annual Programmes

IV Standard – Starter

This kit with 4 TACtivities is an introductory programme use to get a foot in the door

Commencement Date

Ongoing Programme, Batch commences every week

Enroll By

Ongoing Programme, Batch commences every week


1 month

Virtual Classes The Virtual Classroom is live interaction with the educator, designed to clarify doubts and encourage students to explore. Each class is of 60-90 minutes duration


No of TACtivity™ Number of TACtivities that are included in the programme


Chests The TACtivity material for some programmes will be delivered in multiple chests


Price All inclusive price including applicable taxes

₹ 900

According to curriculum prescribed by CBSE, ICSE and Karnataka Boards


Why Join The ThinkTAC Programme?

ThinkTac Programmes are a fun and engaging way to learn Science. The hands-on experiential learning programme, uses a problem solving approach to deliver sustained learning outcomes while improving cognitive skills.

ThinkTac programmes consist of a series of tactile activities termed as TACtivities™ that are aligned with the curriculum of a child.  TACtivities include making toys and experiments – both short and running up to a few weeks. These are supplemented with thought experiments, tactile enquiry and computer/ app-based games.

The ThinkTac Science programme currently covers Fifth to Eighth Standards for CBSE, ICSE and a few State Boards. The programme is designed to cover over 80% of all topics in the science curriculum with TACtivities and for the remaining, we have carefully curated resources.

The TACtivities are developed after extensive research, with experiential learning pedagogy. The learner is provided chests of materials for upto 40 TACtivities during an academic year. Cognitive Life Skills are integrated into various activities, making it also an experiential process.

The programme is designed to be interactive with an Educator responsible for each cohort. The Child uploads a photo / video after each TACtivity which is reviewed by the Educator, keeping track of the progress of every child. The Educator assesses the current capabilities of the learner and provides just enough support and additional assignments to enable the learner to take the next step, building confidence and capability at each step.



Vishal Bhatt

Course Developer

Vishal Bhatt joined Synopsys after completing his Masters in Computer Science from IIT Delhi.

Vishal has been focussed on hands-on learning for the last 5 years and has worked with Arvind Gupta and his team.

Procheta Mallik, PhD

Course Developer

Procheta Mallik has a Ph.D. in Astronomy (Glasgow).

Procheta is passionate about science education. He is an avid traveller, cricket freak and classical musician.

Suchitha MP

Senior Educator

Suchitha has a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Computer Aided Design of Structures

She is passionate about science activities.  She has created many TACtivities. She has 3 years’ experience as a science educator and 10 years of national/ international experience in the engineering domain.

During her spare time, she likes to travel with family, immerse herself in crafts and reading.

Vanitha Nagaraj


Vanitha has an Engineering Degree in Computer Science

She chose to be an educator and is deeply involved in conducting hands-on activities at schools and developing new activities

Her hobbies are sketching, working out, reading metaphysics books (Jiddu Krishnamurti ,Ramana Maharshi etc), and meditation

What you will learn
The IV Starter programme consists of four TACtivities that have been chosen based on the IV standard syllabus across different boards.

The topics chosen are Circulatory System, Sound & hearing, Light & Sight and Food & health. Stethoscope, Sound instruments made using simple materials (Oboe, Bugle and Mouth Organ), Colour addition & subtraction and Starch test on common food items are the TACtivities chosen

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