1. What age group are these for?

Age 5 to 15

2. My child is 4 years, but very enthusiastic. Will you relax the age criteria?

The age group we have indicated is not rigid. If you can be with your child while making an activity, you can still subscribe for the programme.

3. If you are not supplying science activity materials, what will the subscription cover?
A. Subscription will cover service/support. Your child will be a part of a cohort of up to a maximum of 10 children and there will be an hour or so dedicated for each activity, wherein you will be offered feedback in case an activity could not be completed during a scheduled video call. There will also be unlimited support on WhatsApp throughout the week.Your child will also get to know the science behind the activities during the discussion, will fill digital Observation Tables while doing or after doing an activity. Understanding the science behind an activity will be the key takeaway from our services.
4. How will this work?

Each age-appropriate theme has 4 activities and includes the following:

  • 4 Day Programme, One activity per day
  • 4 hours facilitated group discussion on a video call
  • Downloadable DIY guides and Digital Observation Sheets
  • Small cohorts of up to 10 children
  • Unlimited WhatsApp mentoring during workshop week
5. I have just subscribed for the programme. What do I do next?

You should have received an email from us. Please refer to it.  If you don’t find it, then please check your spam folder. If you still cannot find, we will be happy to email you again.  Please send your email to [email protected] or we can send it to you via WhatsApp too.

6. Does my child have to do it all alone or will you help?

The child is expected to complete the making of each activity on their own, before the scheduled video call. However, parents are encouraged to support the child throughout the making process. There will also be unlimited WhatsApp support throughout the week, so the child can ask/clarify any query with our educator during the week, before or after the video session. Some difficulties (and of course the science!) can be discussed during our online session, which will be held as per the schedule we have published; click here for details. 

7. Will you ship me materials to do the activities?

We will NOT ship materials. You can find most, if not all, the materials at your home. That is how these activities have been carefully chosen, also giving you alternate options/materials for some materials that may not be ubiquitously available at homes like turmeric, paper and thread, etc.

8. What if I cannot find the materials at home?

Please join our online session for a particular activity and we will advise you how to resolve this. However, before reaching us, please also try suggested alternatives we have listed. Please refer to our email.

9. I prefer activities for which you supply materials instead of me arranging it at my home. Do you have something like this?

If you prefer buying materials and then do an activity, please go to UnLab and based on what you subscribe for, we will be happy to ship you as and when normal shipping is allowed by the government.

10. Are any tools required to do the science activities?

The tools which you already have for your child’s crafts activity in the school, such as scissors, pencil sharpening blade, glue, ruler etc.  Please see the list of tools here.

11. What if I don’t have tools?

Please buy one, once the restrictions on normal activities are lifted by the government. Most medical and some department stores are open, and simple materials may be available there.

12. After completing this set of activities, what should I do?
  • If your child enjoyed it and is hungry for more, you can subscribe for another set of activities. Then, you are welcome to email us the pictures (your child should also feature in the photo), and we will send you a special discount coupon for any and every further subscriptions.
  • Your child can try some other do-it-yourself activities and submit it to the Raman Awards. Please go through the step-by-step process and do the needful.