Science Club


ThinkTac assists schools in setting up their Science Club or rejuvenates an existing one with its hands-on programme. The programme can be offered to as few as 100 students divided into age groups or standards. The programme is designed to be fun and engaging for the child, while weaning the child away from rote learning and by-heart learning. The TACtivity also establishes excellent conceptual clarity. ThinkTac also offers add-on components like Astronomy and Mentoring for children who want to explore further.

TACtivity Materials

  1. One kit per child
  2.  All Materials (except household)
  3. TACtivity Guide – Printed Instructions
  4.  1-4 Packages based on variations

Learning Resources

  1. TACtivity Videos –Step by Step TACtivity
  2.  Topic Videos – providing a deep look at the topic
  3. Optional Procedure Games for Observation

Educator Facilitation

  1. Cohort of 25-35 children
  2. Guidance on each
  3. Online support from
    Educators and

Further Exploration

  1. Variations for
  2. Mentoring for
    identified students
  3. Optional Thematic
    Games to improve

Children completing an annual programme are eligible to get a Certificate.

ThinkTac offers two variants of the Science Club programme – Ignite that is designed to get the children started on Science Exploration and Lite that illuminates many key science topics in the curriculum. A summary of these variants is provided below:

BoardsCBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and several State Boards
Theory IntegrationUnlimited access to TACtivity Videos, Topic Videos (covering science)
Content AccessUnlimited access to TACtivity Videos, Topic Videos (covering science)
Delivery ModeThinkTac Educator or ThinkTac trained School Teacher
Curriculum MappedStandard or age group, based on student strength – Junior III to V and Senior VI to IX
Delivery ModeIntegrated
Period Duration45-90 Minutes based on School timetablec

Armed with the knowledge and deeper understanding of science, children can participate in the Raman Young Science Innovator Award. The RYSI Award has been instituted to create interest in science at an young age, leading to more children taking up STEM as a career. Participants are expected to create hands-on science activities that demonstrates the principle in the selected topic. Register free at

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