Experiential Pedagogy

ThinkTac is based on an experiential learning pedagogy with a “Tactile” component in each of the learner interactions. Components of pedagogy include making toys, experiments, thought experiments and games and are called “TACtivities™”. TACtivities are designed addressing the following areas in the pedagogy:

Carefully chosen experiences are supported by reflection, critical analysis and synthesis
Experiences structured to require the learner to take initiative, make decisions and be accountable for results
Ensure the learner is actively engaged in posing questions, investigating, experimenting, being curious, solving problems, assuming responsibility, being creative and constructing meaning
Learners are engaged intellectually, emotionally, socially, soulfully and physically

The pedagogy adopted by ThinkTac will follow a four-stage cycle, akin to The Kolb’s Experiential Cycle. The implementation of each lesson (learner interaction) will follow the cycle illustrated below:

Delivery Models

After considerable research and experimentation, ThinkTac has fine-tuned the delivery into three stages to be carried out at the Partner Schools, ThinkTac Lab and homes using the CONTACT Platform. The illustration below provides an overview of how the ThinkTac pedagogy translates into the learning experience:
The Learning Components weave in the Kinaesthetic/tactile element and Cognitive Life Skills. The following schematic provides an overview of different learning components:
  • Kinaesthetic – TACtivities including Make Toys and Experiments
  • Inquiry Based Learning – Questions, Explorations and Thought Experiments
  • Story Based Learning – Narratives and Anecdotes
  • Higher Order Thinking – Problems, Explorations and Games
  • Scientific Thinking – TACtivity™ Variations
The illustration below describes various components that are woven into the ThinkTac pedagogy:

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The TACtivity™ Chest

As part of the standard model, ThinkTac will provide all the material and resources required for 75 TACtivities in an academic year. This includes Primary TACtivities and their variants that are selected based on the curriculum. The topics covered by TACtivities in each programme are selected based on conceptual difficulty of topics as well as the fun and life skills potential in the TACtivity.

Some key TACtivity Chest features:

  • The materials required for the programme is provided in maybe provided in single or multiple chests
  • Each chest will contain materials for 10-15 Primary TACtivities, packed separately
  • Each Primary TACtivity pack may also contain materials for variants
  • Some common materials required across the year will be provided in the first chest, in case a programme has multiple chests
  • Access to the ThinkTac Learning Management System and Mobile App offering extensive documentation on each TACtivity
  • Tools to clarify, interact, collaborate with your cohort and educator
  • The packaging will allow safe storage of the materials for duration of usage
  • The chest will be delivered at School, the ThinkTac Lab or by Courier / Post based on the delivery model

 The TACtivity Chest contains most of the material required. However, TACtivities may require some commonly available household material and reusable / recyclable material like plastic bottles, paper, cardboard and tools like scissors, cutter etc. that needs to be provided by the Parent.

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