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ThinkTac Advantage

Fun and Engaging

TACtivities are fun and engaging. Coupled with the unique way of introducing concepts and linkages to real life examples, Science ceases to be dull and boring

Learning Outcomes

With improved conceptual clarity and increased interest, students perform better on test their science scores. The engaging with also rubs-off on other subjects

Curriculum Mapped, Full Coverage

The programme is mapped to the curriculum of a child covering over 80% of the topics with TACtivities. For the remaining topics, we have curated resources.


Experiential Hands On Learning

Experiential learning ensures active participation of the learner, as compared to a passive role in didactic learning. Our programme is designed around the Kolb’s model, where one makes discoveries and experiments with knowledge first hand, instead of hearing or reading about others’ experiences. 


Problem based Learning, Scaffolds

The learning process is designed to specifically engage students in Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking in concrete, real life scenarios. These skills lead to much broader and life-long benefits, even outside the sciences.


Educator Facilitated, Regular Feedback

An Educator responsible for each cohort. The Child uploads a photo / video after each TACtivity which is reviewed by the Educator, keeping track of the progress of every child. The Educator provides additional assignments based on the current competency levels using a scaffold approach.


Multiple Modalities

Usage of multiple modalities including TACtivities, Classroom tools, Video lessons and Games reinforce concepts without the need for rote learning


Games designed for a better understanding the TACtivity and the related scientific topics are available for most topics. The games are designed as an exploration with subsequent levels dwelling deeper into the topic.

Learning Management System

A full featured LMS offers access to Videos and Guides covering the TACtivity as well as the scientific topics related to them. Children have access to forums, enabling collaboration within the cohort.

Virtual Classrooms

Our Educators conduct a Virtual Classroom using Google Hangout every few weeks to answer queries and provide guidance.

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