The ONTACT platform consists of two components – a Learning Management System (LMS) ad a Live Virtual Classroom for student interaction. The platform enables the programme delivery to a virtual cohort with a timed, phased release of content.

The ThinkTac LMS is a full featured Learning Management System with a simple, intuitive interface. It provides access to all the content, together with a platform that encourages and facilitates interaction between students and the educators.

Each TACtivity is delivered to the learner in three stages:

  • Play – A child uses the material and learning resources (TACtivity Guide, TACtivity Video, and TACtivity Games) to make a TACtivity, make observations and play with it. The TACtivity helps a child understand the scientific principles viscerally.
  • Understand –  After the child has seen a scientific concept in action in real-life, the theory is introduced using Topic Videos
  • Explore – Armed with a good conceptual understanding, the child is encouraged to explore the topic further by making TACtivity variations and playing engaging games that are based on the science topics covered.

Supplementing the LMS, ThinkTac supports and facilitates interaction with Educators and other students using a community forum. Learners can upload a picture or video of their work and get feedback from our educators.  The ThinkTac Android App that offers all the LMS features on a phone will be available soon.

All ONTACT programmes have a flexible start date and duration with the requirement to complete any programme within the maximum prescribed period (not exceeding 10 months from the date of commencement)

ONTACT Plus with Premium Support

The ONTACT Plus option offers premium one-on-one support to interested students. In addition to the facilities provided to all ONTACT students, premium support includes one-on-one support using Email / Phone / Video call. The Educator may contact the parent if there is a need for support from them.

  • TACtivity Support – The learner takes photos and video(s) of the TACtivity and any variations they have created and uploads this on the LMS / App. Our educator will review the work, provide feedback and facilitate any corrective actions required. The educator will encourage the child to make and record observations that will be reviewed.
  • Theory Connections – Our educator will encourage the learner to review various resources relating to the topics under consideration and clarify conceptual doubts. We however assume that the child has a background on the topic from his/her school.
  • Exploration – Our educator will provide ideas for variations and also observational tasks to the learner and check on the progress. Interested children will be supported in creating larger models and exhibits.

ONTACT Programmes

The ONTACT Programmes are available from III – IX standards for CBSE, ICSE and Karnataka State Boards. A summary of the programmes available is provided and you can click the Enrol button to join the programme.

ProgrammesCategoryLite (20 TACtivities)Explore (40 TACtivities)
III- IX Standard
(CBSE, ICSE and Karnataka State Board Syllabus)
ONTACTRs. 3,900Rs. 6,800
ONTACT Plus (Premium Support)Rs. 5,500Rs. 9,500