As a parent, you are in the midst of a rapidly changing world today. The pace at which technology is evolving and changing the way things are done, the pace at which automation and artificial intelligence are taking over what was once a human activity/job, you will naturally be wondering how to prepare your child for the future and whether there is anything more that you can do to ensure this.

ThinkTac is committed to addressing the gaps in the current system, which tends to push students towards rote. To supplement the conventional education and infuse an interest in science, ThinkTac offers innovative, fun-filled and hands-on experiential learning.

Whether ThinkTac offerings are introduced as an initiative by the school in which your child is studying or whether you have subscribed to our programme as a supplementary activity for your child, the outcome goals remain unchanged.

If you have subscribed to the programme, we would recommend that you log on to the ThinkTac website using the credentials provided and review the curriculum and related information. Guides, available for each TACtivity walk you through the activity, learning objectives and also points to your role in the child’s learning process.

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