Summer Sampler


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ThinkTac offers Experiential science programmes, face-to-face and online, providing materials and resources to create, experiment, tinker, innovate and kinaesthetically learn science. To promote sustained engagement and hands-on learning, we provide commonly used, unprocessed materials, that need to be worked on. Children are encouraged to explore beyond the present activity, with materials that can be found around the house, reinforcing the science while honing creative, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

ONTACT provides the best of both worlds – learn from the comfort of your home with expert support when you need it. ONTACT is delivered in four parts:

  1. The TACtivity (Tactile Activity) – You need to complete the TACtivity with the help of the:
    1. Quick Reference Guide (Printed)supplied with the materials
    2. TACtivty Video and Detailed TACtivity Guide available on the TACLearn Portal (using the login credentials you will receive).
  2. Upload Media – On completion the TACtivity or need for support, upload a photo / video of your work on the TACLearn portal. Your ThinkTac Educator will review your submission and share feedback and suAggestions.
  3. Ask Questions – Head to our Forums (linked under each TACtivity) and ask your questions. Additionally, if you need any help on the TACtivities, contact your designated Educator via phone / email.
  4. Explore Further – Join our video call at the designated times to explore the TACtivities and the science behind them further with your Cohort. Found something new – submit an entry on the Raman Young Science Innovator website

The Sampler Programme is designed to acquaint users with the features and delivery model of ONTACT. The programme includes two TACtivities, one in Physics and the other in Chemistry / Biology that you will  have fun, while engaging and exploring science. The programme also includes a 30 minute interactive live video session.