TACLab – IX Science (NCERT)


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The TACLab progaramme is designed as an alternate to the CBSE IX Science lab requirements. This DIY programme can be done at home, guided by the instructions provided in the guides and the unLab platform online. The programme, with 16 activities is as per the CBSE circular Acad- 110/2021 dated 29.10.2021.

Programme Features:
1. Material kit (includes all materials, excepting common household materials and tools)
2. Lab manual, including guides, observation sheets and quizzes for each activity
3. Access to the unLab platform contining video guide, observation worksheets and additional resources
4. Access to live classes on joining the unLab platform
5. Weekday WhatsApp support (Mon – Fri, 10AM to 6PM)

The list of activities included in the programmes are:
1. Sublimation, Filtration and Evaporation
2. Mixture – Types
3. DIY Centrifuge
4. Mixture – Iron and Sulphur
5. Reaction – Single Displacement
6. Reaction – Magnesium and Oxygen
7. Chemical Change – Metal and Acid
8. Explore Physical Change
9. Reaction – Precipitation
10. DIY Microscope
11. Microscope – Epidermal Cells*
12. Microscope – Stem
13. Measure – Density (Kitchen Scale)
14. Archimedes Principle
15. Density – Saline Water
16. Matter – Mass Conservation

* The activity explores Epidermal cells (onion peel) instead of Epithelian cells (cheek cells)”

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