TACLabs are ThinkTac centres, where children can come to learn science, hands-on, from our experts. The first TACLabs are located conveniently across Bangalore and Mysore in Karnataka

TACLabs host a range of programmes from short one-day programmes to our annual programmes. These programmes are designed for children in the 8-15 age-group. Children who are 6-7 years old may also attend, but will need an accompanying adult with them at all times. Those 16 and over are of course welcome to attend, as the activities are fun and engaging for people of all ages, but they may not be linked to their specific curriculum/age-group. The programmes may not be suitable or beneficial for those 5 and below.

We provide all the materials to each child in a materials kit that will be used over the course of the programme. Children will be expected to bring some common waste materials from home – e.g. plastic mineral water bottle/old newspaper – for some of the TACtivities. Our expert educators will facilitate and assist the children at the TACLabs.

Summer Programmes

Socrates rightly said, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel. I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.”

Kindling the flame of scientific inquiry and innovation is the goal of our Summer programmes, where children Make, Observe and Explore to Learn Science.

Our Theme programmes cover multiple concepts under a broad area of science. Taking the example of the Acids and Bases theme, one would understand what are acids and bases, what are indicators, what happens when acids and bases react and the everyday applications of acids and bases. Essentially the Theme covers about 10-15 closely related concepts within a science. At the end of the Theme, the child has not only viscerally experienced and explored several ideas, but understood the concepts and their importance.

ThinkTac offers Nine hands-on, experiential science themes this summer covering Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Each Theme has 10-12 Activities and is facilitated by our Educator across 18 hours spread across 1 / 2 weeks. Children will also be required to spend 10-15 hours at home completing variations and observations. The programme is designed to initially provide hands-on experiences, followed by observation and exploration and culminates in deep understanding of the key concepts.

All the Theme programmes are designed for ages 7-16 years. This seems a wide range, but the themes have been selected and designed to the interesting and fun this entire age group. While the initial making is enjoyed by all, the conceptual understanding will be handled in an age appropriate manner by our educators.

The Theme programmes at our TACLab Centres retail at Rs. 2,900 and materials as well as facilitation by our educators.

Themes on Offer

Acids and Bases
 Force and Motion
 Animal Movement
 Magnetism and Electricity Basics
 Respiration and Transportation