Teacher Primer

Experiential, Hands-on Science Teacher Training Programme

Humans are curious by birth. Guiding questions, objective experimentation and persistence till we arrive at a convincing theory leads the curiosity to discoveries, inventions as well as a better understanding of the world around us, thereby making our life richer. ThinkTac is on a mission to enrich the life of every child by making scientific temper a part of their character. The key step in this mission involves rekindling the scientific temper in every teacher/mentor. When equipped with the tools to make children think, a teacher can ignite and nurture the scientific temper inherent in children.


ThinkTac enables the integration of Kolb’s Experiential Learning Pedagogy into science classrooms.A Concrete Experience commences with hands-on activities using simple materials followed by Reflective Observation using observation sheets, facilitated by an empowered teacher. Inference sheets guide the child in self-realisation of key concepts. Children are provided a scaffold for active experimentation with variation and innovation pathways culminating in showcasing opportunities.


Teacher empowerment is central to the ThinkTac programme delivery. The empowerment commences with a structured training programme, followed by personalised support and mentorship from a virtual coach. Technology and extensive digital content ensure effective preparation before a session. Back-office processing of the observation and inference sheets by ThinkTac offers actionable analytics and individualised remedial support to teachers. Content co-creation, showcasing opportunities and recognition motivates teachers.


TACLearn is a unique Teacher Training Programme has been designed by keeping the above objective in mind. It is designed as an immersive, hands-on, 24 hours programme spread across FOUR days. Since the focus of the programme is on the pedagogy instead of the content, it would be relevant for any science teacher working with children as young as Seven. This also implies that the teachers need to have a basic understanding of the sciences. The programme will be valuable for teachers who are hungry to find new and innovative ways of making science more engaging.


ThinkTac is conducting a Hands-on Science Primer, that introduces the ThinkTac Pedagogy and provides the Teacher insights on how it can be integrated into their curriculum. The programme is conducted online in a single 1.5 to 2 Hour session.

  1. Experience TACtivities

    This section of the programme would focus on kindling a scientific temper with TACtivities (TACtile Activities). The teacher is first exposed to a wide variety of hands-on activities covering physics, chemistry and biology. This is followed by a hands-on experience of making and playing with a TACtivity.

    It is highly recommended that the Teacher has completed the suggested TACtivity before the commencement of the Primer, using the extensive resources and support provided by ThinkTac beforehand.

  1. ThinkTac Pedagogy

    The Teachers will be presented the entire pedagogy for the TACtivity they have worked on. This includes observations, variations and inference. Tools and free resources that are available to the Teachers and their usage is also covered.

    Teachers are encouraged to work with other TACtivities and seek support from the ThinkTac team whenever needed.

    If you want to understand more about the ThinkTac Teacher Training Programme and Experiential Science in general, we invite you to attend a short Primer.

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