ISPF (Innovation and Science Promotion Foundation) is a non-profit trust, serving the student community since 2014, and is backed by a dedicated team that is passionate about science. ISPF promotes a hands-on approach to science and mathematics, which engages children and ignites their curiosity while also getting them started on a process of exploration.

ISPF’s current focus is creating experience-based learning opportunities where science can be learnt using hands-on, interactive experiences and inspire innovation. ISPF has been working with Government Schools since 2015 and currently partners with the Government of Karnataka implementing its experiential programme at 20 Government schools in Bangalore.

The ISPF team has made a collection of more than 200 toys and conducted about 500 workshops for Children, Parents and Teachers. Through these workshops, the team has reached out to almost 20,000 children and 13,000 adults, 11,000 of whom have been teachers.

ISPF has conducted several teacher-training programmes for Government (through DIET) and Private schools in Karnataka and for thousands of government school teachers in Chhattisgarh and Gujarat, under the auspices of the RMSA in those states. In addition, ISPF has worked at the Valley School, Bangalore from 2014 and Purnapramati School, Bangalore since 2015.

ISPF also collaborates closely with the Raman Research Institute (RRI) Trust to conduct week-long workshops and teacher training programmes at Sir C.V. Raman’s house, Panchavati, in Malleswaram, Bangalore and residential workshops at the RRI Trust property in Kengeri, Bangalore.

ThinkTac has shared values, passion, and dedication to the causes espoused by ISPF and partners with it to bring world class experiential learning encompassing science and mathematics to the underprivileged. ThinkTac provides all the content it develops to ISPF for use in its Government School programmes. In addition, for every child that joins the ThinkTac programme, we will support a Government School child or a child enrolled under the Right To Education (RTE) with TACtivity materials.

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