The goal of a ThinkTac Lab is to provide sustained opportunities to children to make science learning fun and improve the learning outcomes. ThinkTac Labs will be run by a trained ThinkTac educator and offer facilitation and support. Key aspects of a ThinkTac Lab include:

  • Educator Led – The ThinkTac Lab will be led by Educators with the curriculum, teaching aids and TACtivity materials provided by ThinkTac. The Educator is required to undergo rigorous training and assessment before being qualified to lead a ThinkTac Lab.
  • Flexible – The ThinkTac Lab should have a classroom or other working space where the Educator can facilitate the TACtivity sessions. It can be setup in an Apartment, a Tuition centre, a School after school hours or any other location accessible to the local community.

Programmes –  The ThinkTac Lab will offer programmes that are relevant to the local community including the syllabus linked annual programs, holiday workshops and other advanced programs like Star Gazing and 3D Printing.