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Use simple materials, refer to our digital content, attend the guided track webinars to make, observe, learn, explore and have fun with science.

ThinkTac Programme Features

Fun and Engaging

Fun and Engaging

TACtivities are fun and engaging. Coupled with the unique way of introducing concepts and linkages to real life examples, topics cease to be dull and boring.

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation

Innovate and develop creative thinking skills by creating variations and new designs. Use the SCAMPER framework (Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to another use, Eliminate and Reverse).

Curriculum Integration

Curriculum Integration

500+ activities cover 70% of the NCERT K10 Science and Maths curriculum. TACtivities are selected to address important and difficult concepts and related topic foundations in depth.

Unprocessed Materials

Unprocessed Materials

Most of the materials are unprocessed and, in most cases, repurposed. This approach, coupled with teacher facilitation, creates the platform for children to make, remake, tinker and rebuild activities.

Experiential Education

Experiential, Hands-On Learning

Ensures active participation of the learner, as compared to a passive role in chalk-and-talk learning. Make, discover and experiment with knowledge first-hand

Competency Based Education

Competency Based Education

Draws on 21st century skills and the PISA framework, enabling learners to develop several competencies including critical thinking, creativity, science and maths literacies.

Pedagogical Integration

Pedagogical Integration

Proven pedagogical elements integrated include Zone of proximal development, Bloom’s taxonomy, SCAMPER creativity, 5E instructional model and Kolb’s experiential cycle.

Assessment for Learning

Assessment for Learning

Observations and quizzes, together with pictures of the TACtivities enable assessment of the child’s participation and progress. Assessment channels include unLab, WhatsApp and traditional printed workbooks

Individual Experience

Individual Experience

Creating something unique entirely by themselves fosters a sense of ownership and enables continued exploration beyond the classroom. The artefacts find a place of pride in the hearts of the child.

21st Century Skills

The 21st Century Skills

Engages learners in competency development in concrete, real life scenarios. Addresses 8 (of the 16) 21st Century Skills directly, leading to broader and life-long benefits.

Teacher Empowerment

Teacher Empowerment

A structured training programme, WhatsApp support and extensive digital content ensure effective preparation before a session. Vibrant community assists collaboration and showcasing.

Guided Tracks

Guided Tracks

Guided tracks with 1-3 hours of live webinars at convenient times guide the learners through making, observation and concept connection. Nudges, resources and formative assessment catalyse learning.

About unLab

unLab is ThinkTac’s learning platform that delivers exceptional conceptual clarity and cognitive skill development with the learner having fun all through the process, all from the comfort of their homes. The ThinkTac pedagogy has been developed over the last 5 years and used by over 100,000 students who have experienced over half a million activities hands-on.Different elements of the process described below are enabled, based on your subscription plan.

Cohorts - Learning Together

We believe that learning is a team-sport and a learner is always part of an age group based cohort where making, exploration and learning happens together. On signing up, each learner is assigned a cohort that is based on the programme and the board and standard in which the learner is studying. Further, to the extent possible, children who are following the same academic calendar will be together in a cohort.

Once you get your access credentials, you can immediately start exploring the content waiting for you on unLab.

ThinkTac Pedagogy

Make - Play

TACtivities are designed to be made with simple, unprocessed materials. Get your ThinkTac kit or collect the material needed at home or nearby stores. Understand the process by reviewing the DIY guides and videos or attend the Guided Track webinars. Cut, tie, snip, pierce, glue and make your TACtivity. Login to unLab or reach out to us in case you need support.

Observe - Record - Share

Refer to our observation worksheet and figure out the key phenomena that need to be observed. Use the worksheet as your guide to manipulate variables, observe and then record what you see.

Upload the pictures of your TACtivity and the worksheets on unLab. Keep common measuring instruments like a kitchen weighing scale, protractor etc., that are needed for the observations, handy.


Formative assessment, some of it included in the worksheets, guides you in constructing knowledge rather than just passively taking in information. The process guides you in reflecting upon the experiences and building your own representation of the phenomena. It also encourages incorporating new information into your pre-existing knowledge and associated topics.


Attend a live class / webinar with your teacher or a ThinkTac educator and connect your experiences and observation with the concepts in your curriculum.

Verbalise your hypothesis and conceptual understanding and learn the formal terms and definitions. Explore real life applications of the concept. Refine your hypothesis with additional information and perspectives.

Explore - Innovate

Extend conceptual understanding, seek additional information and connect with other concepts.

Make variations and innovate on the TACtivity, using the SCAMPER framework (Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to another use, Eliminate and Reverse).

Develop 21st Century Skills

Participate in the learning assessment, designed to build on the experiences and develop higher order thinking skills.

The competencies addressed include critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, science & maths literacies.

About ThinkTac

ThinkTac delivers hands-on, experiential programmes designed to enable children to explore concepts in a fun and engaging way. Apart from ensuring deep conceptual understanding, the programmes are designed to improve competencies like problem solving, critical and creative thinking, science and maths literacy.

The programmes consist of a series of TACtivities (Tactile Activities). TACtivities, addressing specific concepts are designed using simple, generally repurposed material. Each child makes 5-14 working models and experiments in an academic year. The child continues the exploration by making observations and building variations that are leveraged to achieve deep conceptual understanding. Our guided tracks that included assessment for learning, engages and develops 21st Century Skills. Each activity takes 1 – 2 hours to explore and an additional 2 – 3 hours for developing 21st Century Skills.

ThinkTac offers programmes both at school and at home, face-to-face and online, for teachers and children. We have developed over 500 TACtivities that cover over 80% of I-X Science and Maths curriculum of various Boards. The programme is supported by comprehensive content that includes printed guides, worksheets, making videos, digital manipulatives and concept specific resources. ThinkTac offers extensive support for the implementation by school teachers including training, lesson plans and associated content like ice breakers and connecting the dots.

The programme has been delivered to over 100,000 children and 20,000+ teachers have been trained on the TACLearn Pedagogy. Some of India’s premier schools including Doon School (Dehradun), The Heritage Xperiential School (Delhi), The  KFI Valley School (Bangalore), Inventure Academy (Bangalore), Mallya Aditi (Bangalore), Shiv Nadar (Delhi) and JBCN International (Mumbai) have used ThinkTac programmes.

CBSE has approved our IX and X alternative Science lab programme and the same is linked to the NCERT textbook on Diksha, the National Education Portal. ThinkTac has been recognised by the Government of Karnataka amongst the top 100 innovative start-up companies in Karnataka, as part of the Elevate 100 programme. We work closely with several partners, including the RRI Trust (founded by Sir C. V. Raman), on various outreach initiatives like the Raman Young Science Innovator Award that has seen over 20,000 participants registering for the 2020 edition.


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