About unLab

The ThinkTac pedagogy has been developed over the last 5 years and used by over 50,000 students who have experienced over half a million activities hands-on. 

unLab is ThinkTac’s Science as a Service platform that delivers exceptional conceptual clarity and cognitive skill development with the learner having fun all through the process, all from the comfort of your home. 

unLab follows a Kolb’s Experiential Learning Pedagogy, Concrete Experience commences with hands-on activities using simple materials followed by Reflective Observation using observation sheets, facilitated by an empowered teacher in Guided Tracks. Children are provided scaffold for active experimentation with variation and innovation pathways culminating in showcasing opportunities.

Different elements of the process described below are enabled based on your subscription plan.

Cohorts - Learning Together

We believe that learning is a team-sport and a learned in always part of an age group based cohort where making, exploration and learning happens together. On sign-up, each learner is assigned a cohort that is based on the programme and the board and standard in which the learner is studying. Further, to the extent possible, children who are following the same academic calendar will be together in a cohort.

Once you get your access credentials, you can immediately start making the 10 TACtivities that you will get instant access to.

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Make - TACtivities with Simple Materials

unLab activities are specially designed to be made with simple, unprocessed materials and many of them can be entirely made with household materials. The use of these simple materials encourages the learner to experiment with different ideas and innovate along the way. 


Collect the material needed and understand the process by reviewing the DIY guides and videos. Reach out to us on Forums or WhatsApp if you don’t find a material you need and we will suggest alternatives.

Make, Play, Observe & Share

Make the TACtivity referring to the steps prescribed. Make it a family event. Cut, tie, snip, pierce, glue and make your activity. Ask on the forum or reach out to us in case you need any clarifications. You will need to keep common measuring instruments like a kitchen weighing scale, protractor etc. that are needed to the observations handy.

Share your completed TACtivity and innovations with your cohort and learn from what they have done. Participate in contests and have fun with your TACtivities.

Guided Track - Learning Expanded

Make TACtivities a habit and don’t miss the fun each week, under the motivating influence of our Educators. Children who are eligible will be automatically enrolled to a guided track each week / fortnight depending on their subscription. You and your Cohort will first make and submit photos of your TACtivity and the observation tables.

Guided Making

Guided making following the same process of making described above, with hand holding from your ThinkTac educator. Once completed, upload a photo of your TACtivity and the Observation to get personal feedback.

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Guided Learning and Innovation

A weekly scheduled Group Discussion is a key learning opportunity, when our educator will help you understand the key concepts behind your TACtivity. Get your questions answered and learn what more you can do. In case you miss a session, you can always watch a recorded video of the discussion.

If you are in the innovation plan, make variations, explore them and make additional observations. Get feedback from your Educator and find ways to explore further. Access additional resources and teach your friends a thing or two on the topic.

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