ThinkTac Advantage

Fun and Engaging

TACtivities are fun and engaging. Coupled with the unique way of introducing concepts and linkages to real life examples, Science ceases to be dull and boring 

Learning Outcomes

With improved conceptual clarity and increased interest, students perform better on test their science scores. The engaging with also rubs-off on other subjects

Curriculum Mapped, Full Coverage

The programme is mapped to the curriculum of a child covering over 80% of the topics with TACtivities. For the remaining topics, we have curated resources.


Experiential Hands On Learning

Experiential learning ensures active participation of the learner, as compared to a passive role in didactic learning. Our programme is designed around the Kolb’s model, where one makes discoveries and experiments with knowledge first hand, instead of hearing or reading about others’ experiences.

Problem based Learning, Scaffolds

Games designed for a better understanding the TACtivity and the related scientific topics are available for most topics. The games are designed as an exploration with subsequent levels dwelling deeper into the topic.

Educator Facilitated, Regular Feedback

An Educator responsible for each cohort. The Child uploads a photo / video after each TACtivity which is reviewed by the Educator, keeping track of the progress of every child. The Educator provides additional assignments based on the current competency levels using a scaffold approach.



Multiple Modalities

Usage of multiple modalities including TACtivities, Classroom tools, Video lessons and Games reinforce concepts without the need for rote learning


Games designed for a better understanding the TACtivity and the related scientific topics are available for most topics. The games are designed as an exploration with subsequent levels dwelling deeper into the topic.

Learning Management System

A full featured LMS offers access to Videos and Guides covering the TACtivity as well as the scientific topics related to them. Children have access to forums, enabling collaboration within the cohort.

Virtual Classrooms

Our Educators conduct a Virtual Classroom using Google Hangout every few weeks to answer queries and provide guidance.

About unLab

The ThinkTac pedagogy has been developed over the last 5 years and used by over 50,000 students who have experienced over half a million activities hands-on. 

unLab is ThinkTac’s Science as a Service platform that delivers exceptional conceptual clarity and cognitive skill development with the learner having fun all through the process, all from the comfort of your home. 

unLab follows a Kolb’s Experiential Learning Pedagogy: Concrete Experience commences with hands-on activities using simple materials followed by Reflective Observation using observation sheets, facilitated by a ThinkTac Educator in Guided Tracks. Children are provided a scaffold for active experimentation with variation and innovation pathways culminating in showcasing opportunities.

Different elements of the process described below are enabled, based on your subscription plan.

Cohorts - Learning Together

We believe that learning is a team-sport and a learner is always part of an age group based cohort where making, exploration and learning happens together. On signing up, each learner is assigned a cohort that is based on the programme and the board and standard in which the learner is studying. Further, to the extent possible, children who are following the same academic calendar will be together in a cohort.

Once you get your access credentials, you can immediately start making the 10 TACtivities that you will get instant access to.

Make - TACtivities with Simple Materials

unLab activities are specially designed to be made with simple, unprocessed materials and many of them can be entirely made with household materials. The use of these simple materials encourages the learner to experiment with different ideas and innovate along the way. 


Collect the material needed and understand the process by reviewing the DIY guides and videos. Reach out to us on Forums or WhatsApp if you don’t find a material you need and we will suggest alternatives.

Make, Play

TACtivities are designed tobe made with simple,unprocessed materials. Getyour ThinkTac kit or collect the material needed at home or nearby stores.Understand the process by reviewing the DIY guides and videos or attend the Guided Track webinars. Cut, tie, snip, pierce, glue and make your TACtivity. Login to unLab or reach out to us in case you need support.

Observe - Record - Share

Refer to our observation worksheet and figure out the key phenomenon that need to be observed. Use
the worksheet as your guide to manipulate variables, observe and then record what you see. Upload the pictures of your TACtivity and the worksheets on unLab. Keep common measuring instruments like a kitchen weighing scale, protractor etc., that are needed for the observations, handy.


Formative assessment, some of them included in the worksheets guide in
constructing knowledge rather than just passively take in information. The
process guides you to reflect upon the experiences, and build your own representation of the phenomenon. It also encourages incorporating
new information into their pre-existing knowledge and associated topics.


Attend a live class / webinar with your teacher or a ThinkTac educator and connect your experiences and observation with the concepts in your curriculum. Verbalise your hypothesis and conceptual understanding and learn the formal terms and definitions. Explore real life applications of the concept. Refine your hypothesis with additional information and

Explore, Innovate

Extend conceptual understanding, seek additional information and connect with other concepts. Make variations and innovate the TACtivity using the SCAMPER framework (Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to another use, Eliminate and Reverse.

Develop 21 st Century Skills

Participate in the learning assessment, designed to build on the experiences and develop higher order thinking skills.The competencies addressed include critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, science & maths literacies.

About ThinkTac

ThinkTac is a social enterprise offering curriculum aligned, hands-on, experiential science programmes, face-to-face & online, providing materials & resources to create, experiment, tinker, innovate and learn science, inculcating scientific temper & improving cognitive skills. ThinkTac offers extensive digital content ensuring deep conceptual understanding while children have fun and engage with science. Programmes cover Physics, Chemistry and Biology for I – X Standards across CBSE, ICSE and several state boards.

ThinkTac currently works with over 35,000 children across schools in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Goa and Maharashtra. Some of India’s premier schools including the Valley School (KFI), Ekya Schools, Shiv Nadar Schools, Sishu Griha and the Delhi Public School have incorporated our programme into their pedagogy.

The activities, addressing specific concepts, are designed using simple, generally repurposed material. Each child makes 10-54 working models and experiments in an academic year, with each session lasting about 90 minutes. The child continues the exploration by making observations and building variations that are leveraged to achieve a deep conceptual understanding. The material selection and processes are designed to improve hand skills in the 5-9 year age-group and develop problem solving and creative thinking in older children.

The programme is supported by comprehensive content that includes printed guides, worksheets, making videos, digital manipulatives* and concept specific resources. ThinkTac offers extensive support for the implementation by school teachers including training, lesson plans and associated content like ice breakers and connecting the dots. A selection of the content can be seen at, and

Teacher empowerment is central to the ThinkTac programme delivery. The empowerment commences with a structured training programme, followed by personalised support and mentorship from a virtual coach. Technology and extensive digital content ensure effective preparation before a session. Back-office processing of the worksheets sheets offers actionable analytics and individualised remedial support to teachers. Content co-creation, showcasing opportunities and recognition motivates teachers.

ThinkTac has been recognised by the Government of Karnataka amongst the top 100 innovative start-ups. We work closely with several partners including the RRI Trust (founded by Sir C.V.Raman) on various outreach initiatives like the Raman Young Science Innovator Award that has seen over 13,000 participants registering for the 2019 edition.

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