Open Theme - Fluid & Forces

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The very core of physics is to study the motion of things: objects, people, vehicles, celestial bodies, atoms, particles, fluids, you name it! The speed at which they move; in what direction; how these properties may be altered and changed; and what are the various principles and physical quantities that actually govern these characteristics of motion. It all comes down to one of the most fundamental of physical quantities: force.

In this Theme of 3 Open TACtivities, we focus on the effect force has on Fluids (liquids and gases) by studying their motion, the pressure they exert and the effect that has on our day-to-day life. We shall do this by making three very exciting instruments! A fascinating sprinkler, made just using two small pieces of tube/straw, shows you how most commercial electric pumps work; you will learn how to harness the power of waves to rotate a turbine, which can then be used to generate electricity; and some string and a thin sheet is all you need to make a variety of parachutes to study the effect of air resistance on flying objects, both living and non-living! We are certain that the thrills of this Theme will leave you craving for more!

Age Groups: 5+

T CodeTAC NameTAC Description
PE03Wave Turbine ModelHumans have learnt how to harness energy from various sources, to make certain tasks mechanised, produce electricity etc. The energy is often harnessed through the use of turbines. In an increasingly warming planet, it is imperative that we expand our capacity of harnessing renewable sources of power. One such example is a Wave Turbine.

Here, using easily available household materials, we make a Wave Turbine Model, which was designed by a 9-yr-old girl in a small village in Maharashtra. Her name is Durga, and so this toy has the monicker “Durga Jetty”. We hope it inspires millions of more children to innovate and create such hands-on activities. Here, a bottle is bobbed up and down in a bucket of water, and as the water exerts pressure on the air in the bottle, it is ejected through a hole in the bottle cap to rotate a turbine.
PF28Water Sprinkler ModelA water sprinkler is a device used to spray water on plants in a field or garden. It is also used to irrigate (or supply water to) crops, lawns, golf courses, etc.

In this TACtivity, we will learn to create a water sprinkler model – in essence a centrifugal pump – using straws and a stick. You will see that when the straws are partially submerged and twirled in water, a beautiful sprinkle emerges from the slits in the straw.
PF20Parachute ModelUsing plastic sheets of different sizes and pieces of thread to make a parachute, you can show how the area of a surface affects air drag/resistance and how various objects – both in nature and man-made – use this principle to their benefit.