Open Theme - Science with Paper

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Paper may have been invented to write on, but it is much more versatile than that! Various grades, colours, sizes, shapes and textures of paper have allowed artists, mathematicians and scientists to cherish it as much as the writer and poet! Folding, bending, rolling, creasing, cutting and gluing: our hands have immeasurably expanded their dexterity by playing with paper and using it in myriad ways. However, paper is made from wood – taken typically from precious rainforests – and its use should be reduced, reused and recycled as much as possible. Today, most of the paper we get in the market is recycled. However, it is only our behaviour which will determine whether we can reduce the use and reuse paper.
In this Theme of 3 Open TACtivities, which cover concepts in physics, chemistry and biology, we recommend that you make them with already used paper/cardboard. Using filter/tissue paper, you will learn how to separate colours of your sketch pen; a cool adaptation of a protractor using cardboard will allow you to measure the angular range of your various body joints; and you will also get to make your very own camera, with a projection screen! So the next time you see paper thrown away – or just lying around about to be – make sure you pick it up, and if not write a poem on it, at least play with it to delve into the world of science…

Age Groups: 5+

TAC CodeTAC NameTAC DescriptionKey Household Material
CM05Mixture – ChromatographyThere are various methods to separate all kinds of mixtures. One of the most interesting and “colourful” methods of separation is one known as Chromatography, where different pigments interact with a specific material in different ways and so the pigments separate. Here, we use a few different coloured sketch pens to colour a small area on a filter paper. Water is then drawn up using a wick and the colours separate at different radii as they interact on the wet filter paperTissue Paper, Sketch Pens or their household equivalents
BA21Goniometer ModelThe goniometer is an instrument that either measures an angle or allows an object to be rotated to a precise angular position. Let us create one with just cardboard, a template and a small piece of binding wire to measure the various angles of our many body joints!Printer, A4 Paper, Card Board, Binding Wire or their household equivalents
PL23Box Pinhole CameraA pinhole camera is a simple camera without a lens but with a tiny aperture. When light passes through this tiny aperture, it projects an upside down image of the object being observed through the aperture. In this TACtivity, we will make a pinhole camera using a chart paper, butter paper, and tape to see lovely inverted images.A4 Paper, Butter Paper, Ins Tape, Glue or their household equivalents