Open Theme - Sound

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From the most mellifluous notes to the most jarring noises, our ears are often our primary sense-organ and gateway to the outside world. They exist as supremely efficient sound receptors, allowing us to hear things all around us, even if we can’t see them. You can always shut your eyes, but have you ever managed to close your ears without stuffing something inside them? Even then, you will always hear something! Even when you are asleep, and oblivious to most things around you, it is typically a sudden and/or loud sound that will wake you from your slumber. Sound pervades our senses even when we don’t realise it. But what is this something that you hear? Why do things sound so different? Where is the sound coming from? How is it produced? All these questions have intrigued humans since time immemorial, and our understanding of sound today is both deep and accurate.
In this Theme of 3 Open TACtivities, children will explore all the various facets of sound: its fundamental physical characteristics like volume, tone, frequency and speed. We go a bit further and discover that sound acts like a wave. And all this by making a straw/paper 2-reed oboe; a trumpeting bugle using a waste piece of plastic and bottle; and an irritating noise-making device using much the same materials. One of our most treasured and popular themes, this workshop is bound to keep children singing our tune for a long time to come!

Age Groups: 5+

TAC CodeTAC NameTAC Description
PS09Vibrating Membrane Model Sound is produced when an object vibrates fast enough to agitate particles around it, which then transfer that energy to adjacent molecules to create a pressure wave in a given medium. Not only does sound need a medium to travel, there needs to be an impetus to cause a disturbance in the medium to manifest itself as sound.

In this joyous TACtivity, you make your own Bugle, using a balloon as the vibrating membrane and attaching it to different lengths of PVC pipe to create sounds of beauty and wonder!
PS04Sound – Noise Maker Sound is a form of energy produced by a vibrating object. Any sound that is loud, unpleasant and disruptive to hear is known as noise.

In this TACtivity, we use the lower cut portion of a bottle, two bottle caps, a wooden skewer and a bolt to produce noise while the bolt scrapes along the serations of the bottle caps. Remarkably, this model is also a great example of a wheel and axle!
PS08 Straw OboeMusic has been one of the greatest endeavours of humans, creating every emotion possible and uplifting the soul to unimaginable heights. Apart from our own voice, humans have invented countless instruments to create all kinds of sound and music.

In this remarkable TACtivity, using a straw, you will make your own oboe – a classic 2-reed woodwind instrument