Learn Science and Maths the fun way, developing 21st Century Skills

I – X grade, hands-on, experiential learning. ThinkTac complements traditional learning, achieving conceptual mastery and developing critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication skills.

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Curriculum integrated programmes at schools, community centres and online

I – X Science, VI – X Math

Start early and master foundational concepts. Engage multi-sensory learning and develop an interest in exploring the subject. Curriculum integration with NCERT, ICSE, Cambridge and state boards ensures bang for your time.

Achieve Conceptual Mastery

You will create and manipulate models and experiments, constructing key ideas, and solve challenging problems helping you really think and refresh prior knowledge. Build confidence with hands-on learning.

Develop 21st Century Skills

Explore problem solving with guided variations of the activities. Creating new designs by changing materials and combining concepts. Create videos and tell the story. Collaborate with your peers and create something bigger and better.

Conceptual mastery in maths and science while you engage, explore and enjoy

All our programmes are designed by scientists, mathematicians and engineers following proven pedagogies including Kolb’s experiential learning cycle, Zone of Proximal Development and Constructivist Educational Theory. Have fun while you develop skills that take you closer to your dream careers.

CBSE Science

  • Respiration - Lung Capacity
  • Magnetic Jumping Frog
  • Blubber Model
  • Shower Model
  • Balloon Spinner
  • Matter - Moisture in Air
  • Water Sprinkler Model

CBSE Maths

  • Number system
  • Statistics
  • Triangles
  • Polynomials
  • Linear equations in two variables
  • Surface areas and volumes

CBSE Science Lab

  • Cartesian Diver
  • Sublimation
  • Filtration and Evaporation
  • Microscope - Leaf Venation
  • Goniometer Model
  • Magnetic Pen Stand
  • Matter - Evaporative Cooling

NCERT Science

  • Plant Life - Vegetative Propagation
  • Food Test - Starch
  • Magnet Spinner
  • Motion - Curvilinear
  • Cup Phone Model
  • Water Spray Model


  • Shapes and Angles
  • Simple and Compound Interest
  • DIY Spring Balance
  • Plant Life - Germination (Ruler)
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Algebraic Expressions - Second Order
  • Geometry Net

ICSE Science

  • Plant Life - Vegetative Propagation
  • Food Test - Starch
  • Magnet Spinner
  • Motion - Curvilinear
  • Cup Phone Model
  • Water Spray Model
  • Harmonica Model

State Boards

  • Acids-Bases - Turmeric Indicator
  • Reaction - Acid and Metal
  • Reaction - Metal Reactivity Series
  • DIY Respirometer (Turmeric)
  • Vein Model
  • Digestion System Model
  • Plant Life - Tropism

Practise thinking like a physicist

Understand, don't memorise

Memorising only helps with conventional exams that are changing. Learn how things actually work.

Develop Solutions, Create

Tinker and solve problems. Create something new. Multi-modal learning helps develop cognitive muscles.

Build Science, Maths Literacy

Build proficiency in Maths and master the process of Science. It is for everyone, not just aspiring STEM professionals.

Struggle, Learn

The path to mastery is paved with struggles. Enjoy the struggles, develop persistence, and emerge stronger.

Over 25,000 teachers love ThinkTac and use our pedagogy to improve learning outcomes