ThinkTac partners with schools offering integration of its experiential and 21 Century skills Pedagogy, leading to the implementation of several key NEP requirements.
There are two broad sets of learning components integrated into the offering:

  • TACtivity Sessions – Tactile activities that are executed by learners in designated sessions every week / fortnight
  • Classroom Integration – Resources that are used by the teacher within the classroom to enliven the class

We have 7, 10 and 14 activity programmes for Science (I - X) and Maths (VI - X) that are mapped to NCERT, ICSE, Cambridge and several state board curriculums. ThinkTac also offers customised programmes, if required by the school.

unLab, a customised LMS offers content, resources and assessment for students. The platform also includes a Teacher Corner, that allows customisation of courses, and the addition of assessments and analytics on student use and performance.

A key aspect of the programme is Teacher empowerment. Initial orientation training followed by regular online sessions assist the teacher in understanding the pedagogy and taking it to their classrooms. Extensive resources are provided on Teacher Corner to assist in preparing for a concept. A vibrant teacher community on Telegram provide timely content, support and opportunities for professional development.

ThinkTac also offers several opportunities for rewards and recognition of students, teachers and schools and includes the Raman Awards.