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ThinkTac offers K-12 Experiential Science Learning programmes that are aligned with the curriculum. ThinkTac offers Annual programmes, Thematic programmes and Workshops. All ThinkTac programmes consist of a series of tactile activities termed as TACtivities™. TACtivities include making toys, experiments - both short and running a few weeks - thought experiments and computer / app based games.

The ThinkTac annual programmes are aligned with the curriculum of a child. The programme is designed to cover over 80% of all topics in the science curriculum with TACtivities and for the remaining, we have carefully curated resources.

The TACtivities are developed after extensive research, with experiential learning pedagogy. In our standard annual programme, the learner is provided a chest of materials for 75 TACtivities in an academic year. The learning is always Educator facilitated, either at School or using the CONTACT platform. The programme operates with a cohort of 15-25 learners and effectively integrates critical life skills. The TACtivity Chests' material ranges from specific types of straws to Neodymium magnets. The material and processes are carefully designed to encourage “making”, “tinkering” and other forms of tactile activities, and consciously create situations that force the learner to problem solve and think critically and creatively.

The ThinkTac programme is facilitated by Educators using a scaffold approach. The Educator assesses the current capabilities of the learner and provides just enough support to enable the learner to take the next step, building confidence and capability at each step.

The Thematic programmes cover a specific area and aim to develop a deep understanding of the area in the learner. These programmes under development include Astronomy (star gazing), basic electronics (building circuits), 3D printing etc. ThinkTac also conducts workshops that are designed for learners who want to experience experiential learning. Programmes for Mathematics, Engineering, key aspects of Technology and Entrepreneurship will be launched in the coming quarters.

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