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Grade IV Annual Programme

Grade IV Annual Programme

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Create, enjoy and learn from ThinkTac's Experiential Science Annual Programme, which are fun-filled and can be done safely at the comfort of your home. These do-it-yourself are not only cool, but also help you get a better understanding of what you are learning in your classroom for the year 2022-23.

Programme Features

  1. Material Kit to make 7 activities will be shipped to your home 6 days prior to commencement of the programme.
  2. Printed Worksheets
  3. Online activity making facilitation by ThinkTac
  4. Assessment - Conducted as part of the session
  5. At the end of the programme, each child will be provided:
    • TACQuotient
    • One of these badges based on the child's engagement: Maker, Observer, Explorer, Innovator
The list of activities included in this are:
Timings: Every Monday 4:00 to 5:30PM
SL Date/Day TACtivity Concept Mapping
1 22-08-22 Thread Climber Modes of transport used to reach school - Trolley.
2 29-08-22 Camel Foot Model Modes of transport used to reach school - Camel-cart.
3 05-09-22 Boat Model Modes of transport used to reach school.
4 03-10-22 DIY Lip Balm Honeybees - Bee-Keeper.
5 10-10-22 Teeth Model Birds - Find out about your own teeth and write.
6 17-10-22 Acids-Bases - Water pH Potable Water Scarcity and the Poor - Clean Drinking Water.
7 29-10-22 Exploratory Session
For any queries - please send an email to