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Mathematics Around Us - Grade VIII

Mathematics Around Us - Grade VIII

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This practice book is created to improve mathematical literacy competencies among students studying in grades VI to X. It aims to foster inquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in mathematics, enhancing students' understanding and ability to interpret data. Parts of this book are created through a partnership between ThinkTac and CBSE and published on the CBSE Academic website after being reviewed by experts from CBSE.

The practice book features a series of questions organised into themes that align with the curriculum, with each theme containing multiple case studies based on real-life situations. Students are required to recall and apply their knowledge from the curriculum to answer questions related to these case studies, helping them exercise mathematical literacy competencies and appreciate real-world applications.

Real-life situations often involve multiple topics, sometimes across different academic subjects, and simplifying these topics can make it harder to understand the case studies. Therefore, while most questions are based on curriculum concepts of the corresponding grade, some include additional topics with adequate background information. This approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and their applications.

In a recent circular, CBSE reiterated that the competency-focused questions will comprise 50% of the marks in the annual examination for grades IX to XII. Hence, the relevance of this practice book extends to include exam preparation, though it is not limited to that. Reading maths-related stories (case studies) and solving questions, from a young age, helps children learn to filter through the vast amount of information on the internet / various sources and find what is relevant.

Content features:

  1. Themes, which include 3-4 Case studies each, for the selected 7 chapters

  2. GOAL Technique - A method to solve Case-based / CBE assessments 

  3. A solved example using the GOAL Technique

  4. Competency-focused questions have higher weightage in the 9th to 12th board exams